We will help you to become a safer, more confident driver which will greatly reduce the chances of you being involved in a car crash causing damage or injury. 


 At Victor Harbor Driving School, we teach in both manual and automatic cars, giving you a great choice depending on your needs.


 Victor Harbor Driving School is the only driving school down south that has both male and female driving instructors.


Our aim is to make the training fun for all, even when things go a little bit wrong.  We understand that you are learning to drive, that is why you have come to us for assistance.



Friendly, Relaxed & Professional

Shane is one of the most experienced driving instructors on the South Coast.  Shane has been a driving instructor for 8 years and has assisted approximately 1300 students to pass the vort test, most on their  first attempt.

Shane is well known for his relaxed and fun approach when it comes to teaching the skills of driving, leaving students well equipped for the next lesson and more importantly their future.


4Victor Harbor Driving School welcomes Kazz onboard as our newest driving instructor.  Kazz brings with her honesty, integrity and most importantly someone who will train the same way we do.

Kazz started as a driving instructor in Western Australia back in 2014 where she was working with a large driving school.  This gave her a great head start in the industry.  

Kazz is also very relaxed in her training style making lessons enjoyable for all.


VORT is a more natural way of learning to  drive without learning the strict, exact routine that is required for CBT. 

Both CBT and VORT have a final drive test.

We have trained over 1300 students to pass the VORT test on the first attempt.

Please call us to discuss options.

VORT is cost effective


Attitude is everything



Offering Automatic or Manual lessons

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Dual control pedals for instructor to assist you if required....No more getting stuck in the middle of the road.

Manual swift with dual control pedals...WOW


Automatic, leather interior, dual climate control, seat warmers, moon roof, reversing camera. 



Remember one thing when you drive -

Drive on the road like everybody wants to kill you or themselves!

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